Roasted Italian Chicken with Organic Vegetables

A new customer favorite! Plump Amish chicken thighs marinated with a blend of herbs and spices, served alongside organic carrots and broccolini from Prarie Wind Farm in Grayslake. With 42g of protein, this meal is sure to satisfy and sustain you throughout the day!

Nutrition Per Serving

Per serving
Carbs 15g
Fat 17g
Protein 42g
Calories 380
Macro Ratio
Nutritional info may vary slightly by time of delivery.
Amish Chicken Thigh, Organic Carrots, Organic Broccolini, Olive Oil, Honey, Salt, Avocado Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Oregano, Onion Powder, Basil, Thyme, Parsley