We have been providing flavorful food that is well balanced, nutritious, and sustainable to our community for almost 10 years. Although we have changed our name, our philosophy remains the same. We are here to make sure you can sustain a healthy lifestyle by offering weekly meals that are delicious, well-balanced, and convenient. Our meals are intentionally sourced to include only the freshest, seasonable ingredients to ensure you are getting the highest quality. At Victus Foods, we do all of this because we want to have a tremendously positive impact on our clients’ lives.

Meet Kirsten Hall, Founder of Victus Foods

Victus Foods: Founder Kirsten Hall

Food has an immense effect on how we live our daily lives. The more thoughtful, good decisions you make about what fuels your day, the better equipped you’ll be to take on your responsibilities. You will feel better going through your daily tasks and have more energy to do things beyond those tasks. Prioritizing nutrition has a trickle-through effect on everything else you do in your life. Make good food choices and watch everything else reap the benefits!

I know that most people understand these benefits. I know most people believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I also know that most people have numerous other commitments in their lives and often it is just inconvenience that is preventing them from living this way all the time. That is why I created and began Victus Foods. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to eat delicious and thoughtfully prepared meals. 

Now with the birth of our daughter, this mission has become even more important to me. Kasey’s arrival has given me the opportunity to revisit why we eat and encourage others to eat the way we do. I want to provide our daughter and our clients with a great foundation of health by means of proper nutrition. 

With Victus Foods, you can eat amazing meals that you know are good for you and your family. I am really proud to be part of a business that helps others change their food consumption patterns and habits. I love that these changes make a difference in so many other aspects of my customers’ lives. It is highly motivating. 

Victus Foods: Kirsten Sig

Meet Our Chef and Creative Visionary, Charis Bullock Lara

Growing up I watched my mother in the kitchen preparing home-made meals, snacks, and sweets baked from scratch. We could taste the love and care she put into the meals. Her example instilled in me a love for cooking delicious foods. It also taught me that sharing food made with love and intention can have a tremendous impact on peoples’ lives. I am honored to work with Victus Foods now and provide mouthwatering meals for others, just like my mother.

I believe that food should do 2 things: taste good and do good for our bodies and our planet. In 2013, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I started reading books, recipes, personal blogs, and watching webinars to learn more about food choices and nutrition. It is amazing the way the foods we eat can impact our immune systems and our brain health. This stirred within me the desire to bring health-rich food mainstream and working with Victus Foods has allowed me to do just that. 

There are not many meal based services offered at a local level. I am proud to provide some of the best locally available, ready-to-eat meals in the area, in partnership with some fantastic local farms and vendors. Working with the freshest ingredients pushes my creativity, so I can ensure you are getting the best seasonal meals and snacks: like the seasonally rotating Cookie Dough Bites and our famous Salmon Patties…you’re welcome.

The Victus Foods Story: Chef Charis Sig
Victus Foods: Chef Charis Bullock Lara

Thank You to Our Local Farmers and Vendors, Who are a Big Part of the Victus Foods Story

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All of our meals are intentionally sourced to include only the freshest ingredients that are in season. That means that you are getting the most flavorful plates every time you enjoy one of our meals. We are able to do this by drawing from local farmers that adhere to organic and environmentally friendly practices. 

The quality of the products our suppliers offer ensures that you are always getting something that is nutritionally valuable and satisfying. This sustainable way of eating also pushes us to be creative and offer delectable and ever changing meals. 

Thanks to all of our local farmers and to our suppliers for helping us fulfill our mission of providing delicious, well-balanced, nutrient-rich, sustainable, and convenient meals to people who want to live their best life. 


“Food is the nourishment of the body and the soul. It is love.”